Nick Ramsey

Nick Ramsey, has a simple philosophy, “practice makes permanent.” Born and raised in Racine, WI, Nick began entertaining audiences with his freestyle raps at the age of 15. At 21, he began writing and has since penned a number of inspirational poems and uplifting songs. His style combines the lyricism and storytelling of golden era Hip-Hop with the improvisational sound of Jazz. He has organized, promoted, hosted, and performed at hundreds of events throughout the US. He is also the co-founder of the independent production company and record label, Family Power Music.

In 2011, Nick released his first recordings on a 6-track EP entitled, Introducing: Nick Ramsey. From the fall of 2013 to the fall of 2015, Nick held the position of Racine County Poet Laureate, and as such, he helped to bring poetry to children and adults alike in a variety of settings from schools and galleries to taverns and prisons. Alongside his laureateship, Nick compiled his first poetry chapbook, Rhymes & Rambles, as well as his first full-length, double-disc album, Nick or Nicholas. Nick serves as the chair for the following annual events: Family Reunion Music Festival, Origins of Hip-Hop, and the Thoughts for Food All Ages Event.  He is also a member of the following boards: ArtRoot, Get Behind The Arts, and Thoughts for Food.