Anthony Babygzus Stanza

Blessings, love, light, peace, and respect! -Anthony

From a young age Anthony “Babygzus” Stanza has been heavily influenced by live performances, radio, analog recordings, and television programing featuring Hiphop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Folk, Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Metal, Comedy, Politics, and Spirituality. Through exposure to these areas of human expression, much of Stanza’s styles were formed. As a young adult, Anthony began seriously honing his craft of writing, coinciding with an intentional delving into the world of other music and performance art genres he was not accustomed, including Classical, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Poetry. 1999 marked the beginning of Stanza’s journey as a performing artist. Over the last 20 years, he has lived in many different places between the San Francisco Bay Area and Milwaukee Wisconsin. From his art, the observer can absorb an enormous amount of life experience channeled through the pen, delivered through song, poem, and performance art.