Christian Dreyer

Christian Dreyer loves to play guitar.

Stylistically he enjoys playing everything from blues and jazz to rock and funk. He also does a lot of acoustic guitar work and finger-style/piedmont style slide guitar on a National Tri-cone. More recently, on electric guitar, he has been working on a hybrid of be-bop lines and finger tapping as a form of soloing.

He is working to release a hip-hop guitar sampler on the FPM label in the near future. His vision is to record his synth-funk-rock material and vintage guitar tones to modern hip hop beats. Hopefully people would sample ideas from it and new tracks will generate from that!

He writes and practices in his home studio. For Christian, it’s all about collaborating with other artists. He shares tracks or stems thru the internet which creates new possibilities. He also likes to mix things up with rappers, spoken word artists, traditional musicians, and singers/songwriters as these are the people who are breaking new ground. To him, original music is a must!


Christian Dreyer Discography:
Crepto – Crepto (1995)
Crepto – Darker (1998)
Christian Dreyer – Acrylic (2012)
Christian Dreyer – Stranded Kids (2017)
Christian Dreyer – Arthur Avenue (2019) 

Discography With Others:
Natasha & The MGB – EP (1996)
Natasha & The MGB – Eat The Cake (1997)
Sunday Funny’s – The Twisted Metal CD (1997)
Nick Ramsey – Nick or Nicholas (2015)
Nick Ramsey – Shifting The Blueprint (Forthcoming)