D.C. Monroe

D.C. Monroe formed in January 2010.

Throughout the band’s history, the three core members have been Clayton Strasburg (guitar/vocals/song writing), Kyle Eklund (bass/guitar/vocals) and Ben Bruns (drums). Other members have included Josh Rickun, Kristin Kurth and Sam Sharkey.

Their first show was in March 2010 at the Miramar Theatre where they were a featured act of the newly established weekly event organized by Family Power Music, the Grassroots Wednesday Open Mic & Artist Showcase.

D.C. Monroe released their debut album, Sketches of Us, in July 2010. Definition in the Clouds followed a year later in July 2011. After their break up, D.C. Monroe reunited in 2016 to produce their third full length album entitled Megaphone.

From their inception in 2010 until their initial break up in July of 2011, D.C. Monroe performed approximately 70 shows around the City of Milwaukee, the State of Wisconsin and on multiple tours throughout the Midwest.

D.C. Monroe has reunited for several appearances over the years, most recently in 2018 for the 10th Annual Family Reunion Music Festival (formerly known as the Dan Jam Music Festival) in Racine, WI. The band is set to produce and release a fourth full length album in 2021.


D.C. Monroe Discography:
D.C Monroe – Sketches of Us (2010)
D.C Monroe – Definition in the Clouds (2011)
D.C Monroe – Megaphone (2016)
D.C Monroe – Songs for Coyotes – Compilation (2018)
D.C Monroe – Tbd (tentatively 2021)

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