Founded in 2010, Family Power Music LLC provides educational, entertainment, and artist development services. Our business model begins at the community level. From open mic nights and artist showcases, to creative writing workshops and music festivals, we provide safe environments for artists to express their creativity, strengthen their craft, and expand their professional networks.



Family Power Music offers workshops that help participants discover and nurture their personal creativity. Our facilitators reference their original work, performance history, and creative processes to inspire the artistic impulses of others. Our programs emphasize creative outlets as healthy means to channel emotions and process life events. We integrate aspects of music and literature to convey elements of artistic craft in a format that keeps students engaged.


Since 2010 we have organized, promoted, and hosted hundreds of events in multiple cities and states. As event coordinators, we work with a diverse array of artists and venues to ensure that a full spectrum of artistry is represented. We emphasize facilitating creative spaces that are inclusive for all people, and supportive of artists and those who appreciate art.


Family Power Music assists artists in the development of their craft and career. By providing access to our national network of artists, venues, and media outlets, we link artists to opportunities that fit their brand and artistic goals.