Our longest running recurring event, Grassroots Open Mic began in Milwaukee at the historic Miramar Theatre, where we maintained a weekly Wednesday residency for over two years, starting February 3, 2010. Since then, we have held hundreds of Grassroots at numerous venues nationally and even abroad, providing a platform for thousands of artists to express themselves, while collecting and distributing thousands of pounds of non-perishable food items in partnership with local food banks.

As the show started in Milwaukee, and was operated by all three co-founders, eventually two of us three relocated back to our respective hometowns, and currently operate versions of the show in our respective markets, leaving our remaining founder to operate the show in Milwaukee, where it all started, and where happens to be his hometown.

Founder Nick hosts Grassroots Open Mic – Racine, Founder Josh hosts Grassroots Open Mic – Stockton, and Founder Anthony hosts Grassroots Open Mic – Milwaukee. All three founders participate in, and host in rotation, Grassroots Open Mic – Online, which is an awesome opportunity to enjoy or even participate in a live international event giving a platform to artists worldwide to express themselves, network, and discover new art!

Grassroots has taken on many iterations over the years, though has always featured a few main elements of which must be present in order for the show to be Grassroots. These elements are the secret sauce that make the show what it is. Grassroots Open Mic is family friendly, open and welcoming to people of all ages. We have had open mic participants from ages four to 84! Grassroots welcomes all genres of artistic expression. We have had on the open mic and featured every kind of musician imaginable and demoed disciplines such as live painting and even fair trade organic coffee cupping. Grassroots opens with an open mic set, transitions into a featured artist set, and closes out with a second open mic set. And Grassroots maintains an atmosphere that is respectful, encouraging, and welcoming. From this one signature product, we have grown our company to offer many products, events, and services which can be booked, attended, or procured in person or through our online marketplace. Grassroots is a prime example of what we mean when we say “Family Power”!