Spring’s Almost Here! – FPM Monthly Update – March 2021

Hello Family,

The first day of Spring is Saturday, March 20th – we’re only a couple weeks away!

As many of you know, most of our operations either take place in Wisconsin or California. In Wisconsin, we’ve seen tremendous amounts of snow and chilly temperatures over much of January and February. We’re now averaging 20-40 degree days and the snowdrops are emerging from the ground. The sap in the trees is running and we’ve begun planting seeds indoors. In California, temperatures have averaged in the 60-70s.

There’s a lot of excitement about being out and about (a seedling sprouting from the soil). We continue to encourage you to maintain the best known health practices during this time. Believe us, we really want to be back hosting events, but we also want to make sure that our family is safe. Spring reminds us of renewal and preparation. For some, this time of isolation has been helpful in discerning priorities: family, self-care, maintaining friendships, focusing on your health and art. What has been on your daily task list lately? All that we do helps prepare us for what’s to come!

As a small business we’ve had to stop all in-person events (we average over 100 events a year – a major source of our funding) and redirect our operations due to the pandemic. Instead of hosting events, we’ve chosen to work on a few other priorities:

1) Branding and Identity
We’ve released four different FPM official logo hoodies and t-shirts and have distributed many throughout the country. THANK YOU to those of you who have supported us with a merchandise purchase. If you’d like to get yourself some great gear for the new year, please visit our VIRTUAL STORE.

We’ve also been working on a more consistent approach to our social media presence. We’re looking to bring on at least two interns in the next few months to help us get our name out further and our identity better recognized. On our Facebook and Instagram pages you’ll be seeing multiple posts per week on three themes: Monday Music, Wednesday Words, and Friday Film. Our company is built upon many varieties of music, words of wisdom, and film capturing history. Stay tuned and if you’re not already following our posts, please do!

2) FPM Founder Artistry
All three FPM founders are artists.

This past year has allowed for each of us to dig into our respective art stores and spend time with our creations. It’s been a long time coming, but we have a lot of new work ready to be released in the months ahead. The final proof of our collaborative poetry book, The Founder Anthology, is scheduled to arrive TOMORROW. We plan to do an online reading in April (National Poetry Month) to celebrate the release!

Both Nick Ramsey and J-Scribe the Journeyman have new projects in the works. Nick is working on a solo album entitled Walk In The Sunshine with Chicago producer PIZTRUMENTALS. It features songs with DJ Feed Me, Eric Kickhaver, C-The Realness, Christian Dreyer, Jennifer Fisher, and DJ Romes. Three of these tracks will be released by June 2021. At that time they will be available for streaming, licensing, and purchasing on all digital platforms. Eventually, the full album will be released on vinyl.

Nick has also been working with his band, Nick Ramsey & The Family, on new material. They’ve performed at two events in the past two months: the 3 Year Anniversary Party at Racine Brewing Company and the 29th Annual Thoughts For Food fundraiser for the Racine County Food Bank. Watch Nick Ramsey & The Family’s full Thoughts For Food set HERE and please consider making a donation to the Racine County Food Bank. You will find an additional 11 videos from other local performers on the Thoughts For Food YouTube channel. We encourage you to watch them all!

J-Scribe the Journeyman is working with Bay-Area producer Jermaine Hamilton on a new 10-track album which is untitled at this time. At least two to three of these tracks will be released by June 2021. They will be available for streaming, licensing, and purchasing on all digital platforms.

We now have a Family Power Music SoundCloud page. New tracks will be uploaded consistently. We have two tracks up: “Police” by J-Scribe the Journeyman and “Friends Show Me” by Nick Ramsey.

3) Education
We’ve completed four recent educational workshops through Milwaukee Public Schools, Kenosha Unified School District, and with Evergreen Academy. Workshops have primarily been led virtually with one in-person teaching. Mostly, we worked with 6-8th graders on creative writing with an emphasis on poetry and songwriting. We enjoy teaching very much and always have a great time.

Here are a few testimonials:

“We worked with Family Power Music for a week-long intensive at Harborside Academy called “Creative Expressions.” The instructor’s relaxed personality and positive energy motivated our students to explore writing talents they may not have known they even had. Our students loved his presence, and so did the cooperating teachers!” Elizabeth Jania (Harborside Academy – Kenosha, WI)

“Working in an under-resourced school, our students lack access to courses that delve into aspects of Language Arts they feel a connection to. Having Family Power Music visit my Ethnic Studies classroom allowed students to practice creative writing skills that were later utilized for research projects. Family Power Music is an awesome ally to educators seeking creative workshops for students!” Angelina Cowan (James Denman Middle School – San Francisco, CA)

“Family Power Music enriched the lives of our middle school students challenged with language development in English. The facilitator engaged students with his own story of the artistic process, complete with relevant artifacts and a refreshing element of humor. Our poets and writers were thoroughly motivated and proud of the work they created. Students were left wanting to do and know more.”
Educator (Milwaukee Public Schools – Milwaukee, WI)

If you’d like to have Family Power Music lead a workshop for your students or gathering, please email us at familypowermusic@gmail.com and we’ll get something set up!

No Events Are Scheduled For March 2021

About Us
Founded in 2010, Family Power Music LLC provides entertainment, management, and educational services as it pertains to the literary and performing arts. Operating in multiple regions, our business model begins at the community level. We work in support of local businesses, non-profit organizations, and artists of all ages. From open mic nights and artist showcases, to creative writing workshops and music festivals, we provide safe environments for people to express their creativity, strengthen their craft, and expand their professional networks.

You can visit our associated sites to learn more about us:
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We look forward to seeing you at a future event!


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