Unified fields.

Orange rinds, banana peels.

Compost the most crucial elements

to benefit the collective.

Magic comes alive in the nitrogen.

Weave threads of intelligence through the fabric of reality.

We are not as dense as we believe.

Our skulls are resonant.

Our blood is water.

                     Water is life.

                                   Life is eternal.

Fiber optic wires of divine consciousness

come alive

when they find a conduit.

We can be living, breathing filaments.

Each and every one of us is a point of perception.

A stained glass prism, shifting the shape of the spectrum.

Creating a symphony of sustained madness

as ivory towers are shattered.

Skin becomes dust,

gathering in unswept corners.

New concepts explode into a supernova glow.

Solar flares in the vacuous mystery.

Burning candles in close proximity.

Can we see it yet?

It’s all the same.

There is not our light and their light.

Light is light.


Technological lenses give us glimpses of heaven.

It’s all brand new, yet it feels like a remembrance.

by J-Scribe