FPM Monthly Update – October 2020

Hello Family,

Happy autumn! This is a time for many of us to reflect on what and who we’re thankful for, to revisit our yearly goals, and to plan for the colder months ahead. Much like the food we’ve grown and preserved over summer, it’s important to nurture our own personal well-being to ensure we’re ready to flourish in fall, winter, and spring. Lately, our founders have been discussing self-care and how needed it is for us to take time for that. Here’s a beautiful quote our co-founder Joshua Gill-Sutton shared with us at a recent meeting:

“Your human body is a composite of intricate and interwoven biological systems, some of which are designed to focus creative energies. These systems can direct the creative streams of focused attention with far more precision and accuracy than is possible from a disincarnate seat of awareness.”
-Ken Carey

Here’s one other quote we recently came across:

“If you break things down to very small parts, you find holons (units) which are less complex. Human beings, for all their complexity, are still composed of single cells. Only now, the cells are functioning as eyeballs or livers. And the cells break down into very small basic units like atoms and then there are parts (holons – units) to the atoms…”
-Ken Wilber

In relation, our founders have been steadily working on their personal writings as well as critiquing and providing editorial feedback for each other. Like cells working in cooperation, we build our energies together for a common purpose.

In time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will be releasing the first-ever Family Power Music founder anthology with fifteen poems included from each founder: Anthony “Tone Stanza” Makovec, Nick Ramsey, and Joshua “J-Scribe” Gill-Sutton.

In addition, the founders have been responsible for weekly blog posts on our website (a new feature). Click the links below to look these over:

*Shelter In Place Review
*FPM Monthly Update
*How One Man Is Dealing With Six Months Of Pandemic

We’ve also created a couple of artist pages on our website for a few close family members. We are just beginning this new offering and are excited to be working in partnership with our creative family. We began Family Power Music as artists looking to provide welcoming spaces for people to share their creations. We have realized over the years that we are artists empowering artists. Each of our partnered artists have a general page including a photo, their biography, related links, discographies, and videos (if they have them).

We are also warehousing some of these artists’ physical merchandise and selling it on our webstore. We have an agreement in place with these artists to help promote them through our channels as well as move their product. In exchange for these services, we share a revenue split and handle all shipping. We negotiate these terms and agree that we are stronger together than separate. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us and we can discuss further. We are one big family!

New Artist Pages:
*Christian Dreyer

*D.C. Monroe

We have no upcoming events in October. We will be resuming some of our regular events as the pandemic guidelines dictate and will be conscious of safety for our friends and family. Every state has different regulations and we operate as a national company. Your safety and health is our top priority!

About Us
Founded in 2010, Family Power Music LLC provides entertainment, management, and educational services as it pertains to the literary and performing arts. Operating in multiple regions, our business model begins at the community level. We work in support of local businesses, non-profit organizations and artists of all ages. From open mic nights and artist showcases, to creative writing workshops and music festivals, we provide safe environments for people to express their creativity, strengthen their craft, and expand their professional networks.

You can visit our associated sites to learn more about us:
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We look forward to seeing you at a future event!