FPM Monthly Update – October 2020

Hello Family,

Happy autumn! This is a time for many of us to reflect on what and who we’re thankful for, to revisit our yearly goals, and to plan for the colder months ahead. Much like the food we’ve grown and preserved over summer, it’s important to nurture our own personal well-being to ensure we’re ready to flourish in fall, winter, and spring. Lately, our founders have been discussing self-care and how needed it is for us to take time for that. Here’s a beautiful quote our co-founder Joshua Gill-Sutton shared with us at a recent meeting:

“Your human body is a composite of intricate and interwoven biological systems, some of which are designed to focus creative energies. These systems can direct the creative streams of focused attention with far more precision and accuracy than is possible from a disincarnate seat of awareness.”
-Ken Carey

Here’s one other quote we recently came across:

“If you break things down to very small parts, you find holons (units) which are less complex. Human beings, for all their complexity, are still composed of single cells. Only now, the cells are functioning as eyeballs or livers. And the cells break down into very small basic units like atoms and then there are parts (holons – units) to the atoms…”
-Ken Wilber

In relation, our founders have been steadily working on their personal writings as well as critiquing and providing editorial feedback for each other. Like cells working in cooperation, we build our energies together for a common purpose.

In time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will be releasing the first-ever Family Power Music founder anthology with fifteen poems included from each founder: Anthony “Tone Stanza” Makovec, Nick Ramsey, and Joshua “J-Scribe” Gill-Sutton.

In addition, the founders have been responsible for weekly blog posts on our website (a new feature). Click the links below to look these over:

*Shelter In Place Review
*FPM Monthly Update
*How One Man Is Dealing With Six Months Of Pandemic

We’ve also created a couple of artist pages on our website for a few close family members. We are just beginning this new offering and are excited to be working in partnership with our creative family. We began Family Power Music as artists looking to provide welcoming spaces for people to share their creations. We have realized over the years that we are artists empowering artists. Each of our partnered artists have a general page including a photo, their biography, related links, discographies, and videos (if they have them).

We are also warehousing some of these artists’ physical merchandise and selling it on our webstore. We have an agreement in place with these artists to help promote them through our channels as well as move their product. In exchange for these services, we share a revenue split and handle all shipping. We negotiate these terms and agree that we are stronger together than separate. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us and we can discuss further. We are one big family!

New Artist Pages:
*Christian Dreyer

*D.C. Monroe

We have no upcoming events in October. We will be resuming some of our regular events as the pandemic guidelines dictate and will be conscious of safety for our friends and family. Every state has different regulations and we operate as a national company. Your safety and health is our top priority!

About Us
Founded in 2010, Family Power Music LLC provides entertainment, management, and educational services as it pertains to the literary and performing arts. Operating in multiple regions, our business model begins at the community level. We work in support of local businesses, non-profit organizations and artists of all ages. From open mic nights and artist showcases, to creative writing workshops and music festivals, we provide safe environments for people to express their creativity, strengthen their craft, and expand their professional networks.

You can visit our associated sites to learn more about us:
Website:  http://www.familypowermusic.com/
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/FamilyPowerMusic
YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyPowerMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/familypowermusic/

We look forward to seeing you at a future event!


Unified fields.

Orange rinds, banana peels.

Compost the most crucial elements

to benefit the collective.

Magic comes alive in the nitrogen.

Weave threads of intelligence through the fabric of reality.

We are not as dense as we believe.

Our skulls are resonant.

Our blood is water.

                     Water is life.

                                   Life is eternal.

Fiber optic wires of divine consciousness

come alive

when they find a conduit.

We can be living, breathing filaments.

Each and every one of us is a point of perception.

A stained glass prism, shifting the shape of the spectrum.

Creating a symphony of sustained madness

as ivory towers are shattered.

Skin becomes dust,

gathering in unswept corners.

New concepts explode into a supernova glow.

Solar flares in the vacuous mystery.

Burning candles in close proximity.

Can we see it yet?

It’s all the same.

There is not our light and their light.

Light is light.


Technological lenses give us glimpses of heaven.

It’s all brand new, yet it feels like a remembrance.

by J-Scribe

How One Man Is Dealing With Six Months Of Pandemic

Hello world, Anthony here. We at Family Power Music have incorporated a blog into our website. This is my first entry. I thought I’d start with the Pandemic, seeing as how it is the phenomenon that has touched the lives of almost everyone around the world in some way. World culture has shifted dramatically in 2020. My whole life, I had looked forward to this year as a benchmark for eschewing in, “The Future”. As a child I had dreams of 2020 holding such awesome things for us in store as flying cars and hover-boards, you know, the stuff of ‘Back to the Future 2’. What we have ended up with is a global pandemic, and a highly polarized society along political and/or religious lines, more or less depending on your coordinates.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t make concession and count the blessings. 2020, compared to say, 1920, or, 1820, or 1720, or even 1620 and so on, has its advancements that indicate we are living far in the future, as juxtaposed to those eras. Technology has advanced exponentially, the effects of which are readily observable in almost every area of our lives, mostly for good. There is a saying, “The more things change..”, and, I may offer despite all this wonderful tech and the benefits it has brought, including the ushering of us into a new era, there are some issues we as a civilized society still grapple with.

Ever present in our macro and micro cultures all across the globe, major conflict remains ever present along religious, political, philosophical, ideological, moral and ethical lines. In 2020, born citizens in the United States are STILL not considered an ethnic group. Nor, being the construct of race to classify human phenotypes still holds water, are U.S. born considered our own race of people. Not sure how many generations must go by before this changes, but so far, we are quite a few generations into being our own distinct culture and society of people, and this issue remains unresolved. As a result, when one takes a look around in America, much conflict may be observed as a result of the perpetuation of this problem. Now rather than continuing into the rabbit hole of my masters thesis, I will digress from that subject.

The COVID has turned our society upside down. Perhaps we all are quite fatigued form enduring the changes that have occurred as a result of this Pandemic. I have quite the life full of responsibility and obligations, family and friends, projects, interests, self care, just like many of us. This Pandemic has disrupted my ability to function and enjoy life enormously. After six months of this, including carrying the virus myself and going through that, I am praying harder than ever this pandemic run it’s course, and pass into the history books.

Some say it will be with us forever and our culture is forever changed and this is the new normal. I do not believe this to be so. Removing the hyperbolic nature of the spirit of those statements, we must remember we are in a pandemic, and it will pass. My Cousin reminded me that the benchmark where things will begin to return to normal is when cases recede below pandemic levels. It was comforting to be reminded of this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will get through this. We are not on some Sisyphusian hamster wheel of new normal the definition of which is social distancing and masks forever, etc. We are in a pandemic, and this will pass. Sending the light, prayers and love to all of us that we have the strength, grace and fortitude to carry on through the remainder of this time, until that miraculous moment comes when we may give great big hugs to loved ones again when we see them.

FPM Monthly Update – August 2020

Hello Family,

In July we resumed a few of our events. All events that we’ve been hosting have been outdoors and have followed recommended pandemic gathering guidelines. It has certainly been a different way of operating, but we’re adapting to the “new normal.” The two primary events that we’ve helped organize are the weekly Friday Open Jam nights in Racine, WI at Smoke’d on the Water and the monthly Grassroots Open Mic & Artist Showcase series in Milwaukee, WI at the Story Hill Firehouse.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to cancel our annual Origins of Hip-Hop event. Please mark your calendars for next year’s date: Saturday, August 21, 2021.

Other than events, we’ve been strengthening our educational pillar with newly developed curriculums. Our current offerings are in the realms of creative writing, hip-hop, event planning, and artist management. Over the years we’ve brought these workshops/presentations to all school levels, correctional facilities, art and public museums, nursing homes, and private parties. If you’d like to work together planning a workshop or presentation, please feel free to reach out any time. Click HERE to read a few testimonials.

We’ve been spending a decent amount of time compiling our first ever Family Power Music founder poetry anthology. We are nearly finished with the final round of edits and will be sending it out to our design partners in the next two weeks. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to release this along with new hooded sweatshirt color options in the first part of autumn. Keep your eyes out for these releases. You can check out our current merchandise on our WEBSTORE. Our summer release of two different t-shirts have been flying off the shelves. Thank you so much for making those purchases.

A new BLOG page has been added to our website and the first blog post was made on July 20th. This post included a music review of a recently released California Bay-Area compilation called “Shelter In Place”. This was written by FPM co-founder, Joshua Gill-Sutton aka J-Scribe. Our three founders will be sharing a variety of blog posts in the weeks, months, and years to come. Check back often, there should be at least one post made a week. 

Lastly, our co-founder, Nick Ramsey, will be getting married this month to the lovely Nicole Sweet. We wish them well moving forward into their new life together. We call that Family Power!

Shelter in Place Review

From start to finish, the “SHELTER IN PLACE” compilation showcases a diverse array of musical styles and genres, while consistently presenting a natural, homegrown sound on every track. This collection of music by Bay Area artists is the second compilation release from live show promoter, Pocket Buddha. This release represents Pocket Buddha’s effort to help artists he has worked with over the years “cross-pollinate their fan bases.”

The collection is bookended by tracks that deliver powerful messages relevant to today’s socio-political landscape. The first track, “Askari X,” opens with a rumbling jazz bassline, which provides the heartbeat for Keese Sama and Royalty Casti’s call to action regarding police brutality. Their sentiments are echoed by Philharmonik on the closing track, as he describes the true nature of power, with a hint of urgency in his soulful voice. In between these heartfelt and thought-provoking head-nodders, listeners will find an eclectic blend of sounds and messages representing the Bay Area’s independent music scene.

While all of the artists featured on “SHELTER IN PLACE” produce music within clearly defined genres, they all manage to push the boundaries of what listeners expect to hear from those genres. For example, Hip-Hop duo dubldragon.’s “Place Holder,” is a visceral sonic circus, with Skeptik’s cutting lyrics clutched tightly to ominous and relentless production by Dan Gensel of “FullMoonFreakz.” The result is a roller coaster ride that hurtles listeners through soundscapes unique to traditional Hip-Hop. Similarly Fail on Foot’s “Del’s Dungarees” begins as a delightful example of contemporary Indie Rock, with soft vocals sprinkled over big drums and atmospheric guitar. Yet it quickly erupts into a gritty instrumental ballad that is both unpredictable and mesmerizing. “Close to You” by Helltones is a mellow love song backed by crisp drums, with guitar riffs that offer a hint of California Surf Rock.  

Given that many of the artists featured on “SHELTER IN PLACE” operate without major label affiliations, it’s not surprising that “Do It Yourself” is a theme that recurs throughout the album. Pouring layers of intricate wordplay over folksy guitar samples, Onewerd delivers an upbeat indie musician anthem with his song, “DIMNLB.” This track is followed by Mike Incite’s “Ground Up,” which is basically an instruction manual for blue collar working musicians, presented in the form of a rap, leaning heavily on construction metaphors. Cyberclops and Edgewise follow this with “Keep on Grindin’,” a boom-bap slapper reminiscent of Golden Era Hip-Hop, providing a wealth of advice and inspiration for working musicians.

With this compilation, Pocket Buddha has curated a collection of music that is current in its relevance and timeless in its aesthetic. All of the artists featured have shared work that is professional in quality, and sincere in its delivery. “SHELTER IN PLACE” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

by J-Scribe

Listen to the album here: